Serving Eastern South Florida

and the Treasure Coast the last 10 years.

 In One Day - No Permit  Required

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  • ​The tub or shower pan or the tiled walls MUST NOT HAVE BEEN REGLAZED BEFORE. Old, peeling reglaze have to be sanded and scraped to remove loose material and this service will be charged separately.​The service must be done on the white or almond color. Color variation will be subject to extra cost due to ordering of special color material. If you require a different color, you MUST visit one of the Sherwin Williams stores to choose your color. Then let me know the name and number of the color so I can special order it for you, at least 4 days before the service date. 

  • The service does not include the removal of shower doors. We may remove it for you for an additional fee. 


  • If you are able, we strongly recommend the application of grout on the tiled walls and around the tub. Use cement based grout material. DO NOT USE SILICONE, as it does not bond to the reglazing material. Cement grout bonds very well to our material and, once applied, will prevent the growth of mold or mildew bacteria. 

  • ​SILICONE, applied to anything to be reglazed, MUST BE REMOVED, before the reglazing process. 

  • To avoid slip falls on the new surface, we recommend the application of a non slip silica sand to the bottom of the tub, shower pan or other floor surface for an extra charge of $25.



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  • The price of $380 is for the reglazing of a common tub or shower pan, originally white, no larger than 60"x36", PLUS the 3 tiled surrounding walls, no higher than 7'
  • The tub or shower pan and the tiled walls must be clean, with no repairs to be made and no left over construction residues such as cement, polyurethane or epoxy spills. The removal of these debris will be charged separately. 


Please call Leo Bastos   561-846-0938